2 Mile Precision Range / Tower

2 Mile Long Range Precision Rifle Range

  • Tower_20 IMG_0285 Briefing Area Tower 2 Sniper Tower Range Berms Tower_16 Tower Window Position Tower Front Tower 7 Tower 5 Tower 3 Berms_4 Bench Area_8 Bench Area_2 Bench Area_1 100yd Berm 100M_Berm2-mile long range precision shooting
  • 1000M known distance
  • Unknown distance out to 2 miles
  • Instantaneous feedback technology
  • Targetry includes 3/8” AR500 steel targets with known measurement to support milling / ranging operations
  • Steel supports firearms up to .338 LAPUA for known and unknown distance feedback

40 Ft. Multi-level Tower

  • Supports Shooting / Repelling / Fastrope / Climbing / Caving Ladder evolutions
  • Shoot from windows at 25ft
  • Shoot from 3rd and 4th deck at 30ft and 40ft respectively
  • 3rd deck is set up to practice urban hide sites / loophole shooting
  • Riser is set up in front of the tower to confirm DOPE and is integral to the known distance range
  • Set up to support indoor classroom environment

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