Services & Capabilities

ALTAIR facilities are set up to provide complex training scenarios to challenge the SOF Operator. The robust capabilities are expandable and facilities allow for just about any training scenario.

ALTAIR Regional Training Facility (RTF)  Provides Facilities for SOF, other US Government agencies, and select Foreign National (FN) in support of:

  • Long-Range Precision┬áTraining
  • Mechanical and Explosive Breaching
  • Methods of Entry
  • Support Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) scenarios.
  • Ranges that can support basic and complex MOUT and CQB scenarios.
  • Ranges that can support Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) teams and the follow on that support scenarios to Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate (F3EAD) to the larger Intel community/process for training.
  • Private facility that supports interoperability training between SOF other units.
  • Manned by 35 personnel standing by to flex to a units needs.
  • CJSOTF Level Operations and Readiness Exercises
  • Direct Action
  • Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Counter-Drug Interdiction
  • Hostage Recovery Scenarios
  • Mechanical/Explosive Breaching
  • Counter IED
  • Cyber/Information Operations
  • Airborne Operations (Airfield takedown/MFF/Static)
  • Close Air Support (Fires)
  • Medical Operations
  • Live Fire Mission Rehearsal
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Interagency/Partner Nation Operations

Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)

  • We understand proprietary information
  • One-stop venue
  • We help bridge the gaps by providing a private, secure and functional place to train, conduct research, correct problems
ALTAIR Capabilities
ALTAIR Facility

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