Maritime Operations take place in various locations around Naples, Everglades City, and the 10,000 Islands. ALTAIR has established relationships and agreements to provide off-site training to meet clients’ full scenario requirements.

Services & Capabilities

  • Easy access to the littoral region of SW Florida
  • Within 40 miles of the coast
  • Support of state and local authorities for operations
  • Past experience supporting specialized units
  • Coordination with the USCG for access to live fire ranges
  • Helocast / Boat Cache
  • Offshore security operations
  • Full logistical support
  • Anti-terrorism training
  • Protection against pirating
  • Operations in the Everglades, cabins, deserted islands, beaches

ALTAIR provides access to Maritime venues that offer riverine-like areas, coastal islands, small lakes and open water areas all within 40 miles from any of ALTAIR’s facilities.

ALTAIR Capabilities
ALTAIR Facility

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