ALTAIR Courses

ALTAIR provides robust facilities and capabilities for units to conduct their own training. ALTAIR also offers a wide variety of courses and can customize the course to fit the Host Agency requirements.


  • Basic / Advanced Pistol Marksmanship
  • Basic / Advanced Carbine Marksmanship
  • Long Range Precision Shooting
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Aerial Target Interdiction
  • Aerial Assault Operations
  • MOUT Operations
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB)


  • Mechanical, ballistic, explosive and thermal breaching
  • Entry and Search
  • ALTAIR 5-day Progressive Breaching Course
  • Target Access Covert Search Course

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Land Nav

Land Navigation instructs the individual on the basics of map reading, point plotting, and compass usage. Scenario presents the individual with 5 points that they must plot on a 2D map, and then they are put in a 3D environment where they must navigate to the plotted points.

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Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Operations

  • Identify surveillance detection techniques
  • Evading detected surveillance
  • Route planning
  • Observation points
  • Identify posture and behaviors

VIP Protection/PSD Operations

  • High Threat Protection Course (3, 4, 5, 7 day)

Tactical Driving

  • On-Off Road Mobility / Driver Programs (Basic and Advanced are tailored to client needs)
    • Pavement, Off Road and Unimproved Road courses
    • Motorcade and PSD training
    • Multiple Platform training vehicles
    • Disposable vehicles for contact drills
    • Improvised repair course (real hands on training)
    • Complete on-site repair facility

Law Enforcement

If teams want outside instruction, ALTAIR also offers combat proven training in all aspects of Special Operations Skills to SWAT & Law Enforcement teams. The ALTAIR facility offers the ability to conduct realistic training in a controlled environment, which provides instant feedback to the operators.

ALTAIR offers a wide variety of courses and can customize the course to fit the Host Agency requirements. If you would like a course brought to your Host Agency contact us for Host Agency Requirements.

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Operational/Battlefield Medicine

ALTAIR’s medical training is built on the curricula of the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Command and the United States Special Operations Command Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses.

Instructors are seasoned veterans comprised of Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS, MARSOC, and Air Force Pararescuemen. The majority of our staff has served time at Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center in instructor and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge billets.

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