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ALTAIR provides a regional training capability located in southwest Florida; comprised of existing facilities; co-located within a 50-mile radius that can support realistic training, equipment testing, and live-fire mission rehearsal operations. Simply stated, ALTAIR represents a “one-stop” venue for training, testing and development of the unique skills, technology, and equipment required for the execution of the Special Operations mission.

We provide the facilities necessary to conduct tactical training at every operational level. Our subject matter experts (SME’s) have a good understanding of what is required for SOF to operate by providing facilities to support the operators’ needs. This training capability is centered on the secluded venues we own and can access. ALTAIR is located 183 miles from SOCOM and SOCCENT and 106 miles from SOCSOUTH.

ALTAIR Regional Training Facility (RTF)

The ALTAIR Regional Training Facility (RTF) is a 1,200-acre former, high-security prison with a 3,800 foot runway, facilities to house and feed 350 personnel, a 2-mile sniper range, multiple shoot houses, and a 700 x 3,500 foot drop zone.

Deep Lake Facility

The “Deep Lake Facility”, is a 25-acre private small unit tactical training facility.


The “Jetport”, a 39,000-acre airfield with a 10,500’ paved runway an ILS approach system and runway lighting, this facility can support heavy lift aircraft, tactical fixed-and rotor-wing aircraft as well as jump and aerial delivery operations. This venue has sufficient open areas for free fall, static line and cargo/bundle drops on its ample drop zones.

Maritime Operations

Maritime Operations can be accomplished from all of ALTAIR’s sites, access to the littoral region of southwest Florida as they are all within 40 miles of the coast. From the swamps to the costal islands to the open water, ALTAIR has the support of state and local authorities for operational training activities in these areas.

UAV Operations

UAV Operations Research Development Test and Evaluation can be executed in the ALTAIR RTF’s airspace. The ALTAIR RTF is located in a unique airspace area that is compatible with UAV activities.

We have on-site fuel capabilities for MoGas and Diesel and bring in Aviation fuels during Air Operations.

The ALTAIR RTF is also designed to support live fire training for all caliber of small arms as well as ordnance up to 2.75” rockets.

All of these unique venues located in close proximity, provide a regional capability to test, train and develop virtually every type of technique or tool used by SOF as well as the capacity to execute large combined capabilities exercises, training and mission rehearsals.

Preparation and Readiness Facility Key Characteristics

  • CJSOTF Level Operations
  • Cyber/Information Operations
  • Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Close Air Support (Fires)
  • Counter Drug Interdiction
  • Sniper/SR
  • Airborne Operations (Airfield takedown/MFF/Static)
  • Operational Medicine
  • Complex Hostage Rescue/Recovery
  • Clandestine Mission Rehearsal
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • UAV Operations
  • Counter IED
  • Interagency/Partner Nation Operations
ALTAIR Capabilities
ALTAIR Facility

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