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Industry leader, Daniel Defense holds Media Week at ALTAIR


by Chris Mudgett
Photos by Travis Tipps

ALTAIR Training Solutions – Not your average training facility.

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FL Governor Scott hold press conference at ALTAIR

IMMOKALEE, Fla.- Governor Rick Scott is praising a local business for creating jobs in one of the state’s highest unemployed areas.

Altair Training Solutions just got off the ground about eight months ago, but it’s transforming an old prison site to a new source of jobs and hope.

FL Governor Scott hold press conference at ALTAIR

Gov. Rick Scott used a business near Immokalee to make the point Monday that Florida is moving in the right direction in job creation.

Scott praised the owners of Altair Training Solutions for the jobs they’ve created for local residents.

Memorial Day Remembrance



ALTAIR Training Solutions/ALTAIR Gun Club

Memorial Day Weekend: a time to remember those who gave everything.

This weekend we honor and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this great country.  Brian and I and our team at ALTAIR are passionate about giving back to those who have been deeply affected by war, who have lost loved ones, and who continue to struggle with many challenges.  This weekend is a private time for us to reflect and remember, with love and gratitude, the many we personally knew and loved, as well as those we’ve never met.  We thank you for always supporting us and other veterans and for caring about our military.  We could not live in a better community.

In honor of our fallen Special Operators, we are looking forward to hosting the Gold Star Teen Adventures: Special Operations Adventure this summer from July 29th-Aug 2nd. Gold Star Teen Adventures provides adventure camps to the surviving youth of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Please find it in your heart to make any kind of donation to this organization and watch this short video about the founder, LTC Solheim and his experience.
Video Link:

To learn more visit

You can make a cash donation directly to this organization at their website:

If you would like to become a sponsor or volunteer for this event please contact us directly at

More about Gold Star Teen Adventures:

Gold Star Teen Adventure’s first and most important pillar is healing. We believe that by bringing together youth in environments where they can have fun and develop relationships amongst mentors and other Gold Star youth, we afford them the opportunity to interact with others that have experienced similar emotional trauma. These camps offer a safe place where kids can let their guard down, they can easily relate to each other, and they know that all of those around them understand what they have experienced.

Gold Star Teen Adventures second pillar is mentorship. We are committed to providing quality and enduring mentorship to Gold Star Youth. All camps have qualified and screened mentors composed of active and retired special operations service members, military academy students, and patriots from the community. The purpose of our mentors is to coach, teach, and act as healthy role models. Additionally, our camp staff, through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, include a social worker to ensure that our youth have access to a qualified and caring professional should a unique emotional need arise.

Gold Star Teen Adventure’s third pillar is leadership and character development. The theme of leadership and character development are especially important in our outdoor and sailing camps. Gold Star high school juniors and seniors will have the unique chance to not only learn about leadership styles and applications, but put these behaviors in action (experiential behavior) through collaborative team experiences working with peers. Our goal at the completion of these camps is for our Teens to learn new interpersonal skills, find new confidence, develop strategies for better decision making and leadership, and gain increased self-awareness, all of which will give them a head-start as they transition to college and career.

Gold star Teen Adventure’s fourth pillar is opportunity. We believe that each of these children are very uniquely wired given their pedigree and that adventure is likely a big part of who they are. Unfortunately with the loss of a parent, these youth may not get the same experiences that they would have. Gold Star Teen Adventures wants them to have very unique, safe, and professional opportunities to challenge themselves in the beauty that lies beneath the ocean, high above the sea on a mountain top, or at the helm of a vessel. Additionally, if our youth want to continue to develop their new found skills, Gold Star Teen Adventures is committed to providing advanced skills training opportunities in subsequent camps.

We look forward to hearing from you God Bless You. This Memorial Day let’s not forget. #AllGaveSomeSomeGaveAll

In closing, ALTAIR celebrated being in business five years this month. THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible. It has not been without challenges, but as always, with everyone’s support we have continued to make ALTAIR the best place to safely take courses, run competitions, have special events, shoot on the ranges, and meet other great people.  We look forward to many years to come!

See you at ALTAIR!

Brian & Michelle Jones (and Sarge)


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