ALTAIR Regional Training Facility (RTF) has existing infrastructure that is set in a secure and private setting of SWFL. The property is privately owned, by military veterans with a clear understanding of proprietary information. What goes on at ALTAIR…stays with the Vendor unless otherwise directed.

Research,  development and the testing of equipment is something ALTAIR will support in every way…from logistics, housing of industry partners, clean airspace, and no outside interference. ALTAIR provides a workspace for vendors to concentrate on the task at hand. When problems arise, we are there to assist in every way possible and minimize the time it takes to correct issues.

Rapid Deployable Solutions is the key to SOF success. ALTAIR is positioned in a way to provide that support as Vendors continually test gear, train with SOF units in a private setting, ensure all components to the gear are accounted for, listed, and packaged in COMPLETE systems for use to defeat threats worldwide. ALTAIR will support the Commander by providing a secure area to support specific Combat Mission Needs Statements (CMNS) by providing areas for testing and training that can be trusted.

Full Mission Profile

ALTAIR represents a “one-stop” venue for Research Development Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) of the unique skills, technology, and equipment required for the execution of the Special Operations mission. ALTAIR offers a unique capability that will resonate with both operators for training and others in the industry that can either use ALTAIR’s venues to demonstrate what they have or integrate and add value to ALTAIR’s existing infrastructure.

Testing and retesting can be accomplished at ALTAIR to ensure missions are set up for success. New ideas or major endeavors go thru a time of ups and downs. ALTAIR fully understands this and stands by to assist with a crew of personnel, heavy equipment, logisticians, administrative personnel, fuel, and funding lines that are established to assist in a streamlined testing environment.

ALTAIR is set up to support Hub and Spoke Operations, specifically Joint Readiness exercises, Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercises, Full Mission profile, Iteration training, RUT, and specialized training to enhance the operators needs and requirements by providing new challenging opportunities. It can be incorporated to assist with logistics as The RTF retains the flexibility of being set up to meet emerging requirements or to build on to those requirements. ALTAIR can also be used as a C2/C4 node to test evaluate and stage a C2 node that oversees major exercises.

ALTAIR Capabilities
ALTAIR Facility

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